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This patient has three kids and is 5’4″ and 145 pounds. She presented to my office as a referral from some of her friends who are my former patients. She told me she was interested in breast and body enhancements and wanted to know what I thought rather than telling me what she wanted. She had a nice figure after three kids. In fact, she probably had an impressive figure before her kids and this is what is difficult for women because they have “paid a price” for their children. Her breasts were moderate in size with associated sagging and a loss of superior fullness. They obviously were much higher and tighter before she had children.

We discussed various options including doing nothing to her breasts, performing a reshaping or mastopexy and even a breast reduction. Seeing that our agreed upon goal was higher, tighter and fuller breasts, we opted for a Breast Reduction with Augmentation (BRA) procedure – the more advanced version of the breast lift with implants procedure. Basically, this means that I use a breast implant to provide for the much desired superior fullness as well as it becoming the new foundation of the breast. A reduction of the breast tissue and skin that sags is performed to reduce the tissue that hangs and to help shape the new breast so that it is narrower and perkier. By reducing the loose hanging tissue there will less likely be a recurrence of the sagging.

I performed a typical BRA procedure. I used 325cc silicone implants placed below the muscle. A 40 gram tissue reduction was performed on both sides and liposuction of the lateral breast and underarm fat was performed. A vertical incision was made to place the implants and adjust the breast tissue with the final scar being in the shape of a lollipop. She is seen her at four months after her procedure.

Note the elevated position of the breasts on her ribs. You can clearly observe the superior fullness particularly on lateral view. In essence, this is about as close to what she had when she was younger as can be. The breasts no longer look like they are going “down.” They are up “high” and “lifted” where they used to be. They are closer together with enhanced cleavage. The scars are healing well and this is only four months. Note how much higher the breast appears on her ribs in the photos with her arms elevated.

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