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Patient Details

This is a case of a 5’7″ and 140 pound mom who had previous gastric bypass surgery and lost over 100 pounds. We performed some contouring procedures about her body first, finally working on her breasts which she wanted smaller and lifted. She has loose skin throughout her body as you would expect in any individual who has lost over 100 pounds. Although the degree of skin retraction can vary considerably among individuals, most will have some degree of skin laxity, and in some cases it can be very severe.

She had a previous breast augmentation with 425cc textured high profile implants performed elsewhere. We decided that the best option is for her to consider a breast revision with a bilateral breast lift with implants with the placement of smaller silicone implants (225cc) in the submuscular position. The goal is to make her breasts smaller as well as improve the shape and provide for some lift.

She is shown here about 2.5 years after her procedure. She has gained about 20 pounds. You can clearly see that her breasts are smaller and appear somewhat lifted. She has collapse of the skin lateral to her breast that takes away from the shape of her breasts. She still has skin laxity about her breasts that she wishes was tighter and she also wishes that her breasts were more lifted.

Working with very loose skin is a challenge. There is only so much we can achieve under the circumstances, particularly if you prefer a smaller implant that has less of an “impact” on her outcome. We considered excising the tissue lateral to her breasts (thoracoplasty) to flatten the area beneath her arms as well as retighten the skin of her breasts but considering the very lax tissues that I have to work with and the puny sized breast implant I don’t feel the benefit will be very significant. Sometimes you have to accept the fact that it might not be possible to achieve your desired goals. We as humans always want the best but sometimes prudence and reality get in the way.

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