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Patient Details

This is a 23 year old female seeking an Austin, Texas breast augmentation who is 5’7″ and 130 pounds with one child. She wanted more superior fullness and more size in general. On examination she had pretty nice breasts. She had size and a nice shape. When we tried on the implant sizers in the office she clearly favored the larger implants. In her pictures here, she is seen here after a breast augmentation with 425cc moderate profile saline implants placed beneath the muscle through an incision at the bottom of the breast.

I can certainly see that she has larger breasts, more superior fullness and an overall improvement in her body dimensions from her larger breasts. She is really happy with her results. She says that she fills out her clothing better and particularly her bras. One problem she has encountered occurred when she was picking out a bathing suit to a family function but realized that her suit was too revealing and she had to choose another one. I told her that was a good move on her behalf.

Learning points:

  1. When you start out with nice breasts and you get a professional job well done, you end up with larger nicer breasts.
  2. She chose saline implants. They are not small. She needs to support her breasts well so the weight of the saline implant does not stretch on her skin. She may not need to wear a bra 24/7, but certainly 23/6 will suffice for a beautiful long term result.
  3. She though she originally wanted an incision under her arm. I told her the tiny incision at the bottom of the breast is better. Can you see her incision? I can’t. Don’t be fooled about incisions-no need to go under the arm or through the belly button for this simple procedure. It’s actually quite ridiculous if you ask me.
  4. What you do with your breasts is up to you. Those who fully leverage their results seem to get the most enjoyment from their new breasts. They are cool. Have fun. Explore. Dress them up. Work them to your advantage.
  5. A breast augmentation is no longer a plastic surgery option that people are learning a lot about. They have been out for over forty years, there are millions of women who have them, and the positive and negative issues with implants are well known to most people, and can be easily learned from doing homework on the Internet. Now patients are focusing in on their surgeon (as they should). Your surgeon will turn this relatively routine procedure into a very positive one. Don’t go to chop shops, don’t fall for the low pricing, and chose those surgeons with the best reputations and the most experience.

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