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Breast Augmentation Gallery Plastic Surgery in Austin | Patient 56

Patient Details

This is a 35 year old woman, no kids, 5’8″ and 240 pounds interested in a breast enhancement. She is Asian. She has small breasts and taught skin (like most of my Asian patients). She very much liked the larger implants. I think she liked them because she needed the larger implants to offset her fuller figure.

She is seen here after a breast augmentation with 850cc high profile saline implants placed beneath the muscle. These photos were taken 3 months after her procedure. Her breasts are fuller, larger and her body is more proportional. Her breasts are soft and natural in appearance.

What you can learn from her case:

  1. Asian patients have thicker, less elastic skin that requires a lot more time to expand. In this case, all the skin that you see about her new breasts had to be expanded with the implant. This required a lot of molding on her part and she was very good at working it. This would have required only several weeks for a “non- Asian” patient.
  2. Implant size can certainly be larger in larger figured women because it needs to be proportional.
  3. She likes how she looks, and how she can freely shop for clothing.
  4. Patients who need to lose weight and who have balanced their current figure with breast implants must always continue to monitor their weight with a weight scale because sometimes it’s easy to think you look skinnier when, in fact, this isn’t true (you just LOOK skinnier).
  5. The scars in her breast crease are darker than most because she is Asian. I recommend that they apply HYDROQUINONES to the area twice a day to help reduce the excessive pigmentation that can occur with healing.

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