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Patient Details

This is a 30 year old mother of three, 5’7″ and 113 pounds interested in a breast augmentation. She desired larger implants. She has an asymmetrical chest wall, with the right chest wall projecting more than the left. Her breasts were also asymmetrical (the folds beneath her breasts are on two different levels). She was quite thin, with very little body fat.

She is seen here about seven months after a bilateral breast augmentation with smooth walled high profile silicone implants (325cc on the left and 300cc on the right). The implants were placed beneath the muscle from an incision in the breast crease.

What I immediately noticed is that she looked healthier than she did when I did my procedure. She says she gained 10 pounds. This increased her body fat layer which made her look healthier and her breasts were larger as well from increased fat. This is a good thing in her case because I was concerned about larger implants with only a thin layer of overlying tissue. She has no rippling, her breasts are sitting where they are supposed to.

She tells me that she is really pleased with her results, and that her breasts feel no natural and that she doesn’t even know that she has implants. She did note a lump on her left breast that I was easily able to feel-it is separate from her implant and feels benign. She had told me that she had a mammogram and a sonogram. Since she has no history of breast cancer in her family, it’s probably best for her to watch this over the coming year or so and see if it changes. A biopsy can always be done to make a definitive diagnosis. She is not worried about it and will continue to examine it for any changes.

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