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Breast Augmentation Gallery Plastic Surgery in Austin | Patient 46

Patient Details

This is a 41 year old mother of one, who is 5’2″ and 115 pounds, interested in a breast augmentation. She is a very small weight lifter and clearly wanted larger implants.

She is seen here after a bilateral breast augmentation with 375cc high profile smooth walled silicone implants placed beneath the muscle from an incision in the breast crease.  She has done well with her enhancement, and is quite pleased. She is certainly on board with wearing the correct bra. The implants have not affected her exercise regimen and her implants have not moved excessively during exercise.

Some surgeons prefer to place breast implants in the subglandular position (implants placed below the breast gland but above the muscle) rather than the submuscular position because the implant will not move as much when placed on top of the muscle. However, this often results in a very unnatural, rounded, “stuck on” appearance in these body building patients. Quite frankly, it often looks bizarre.

For this reason I have encouraged my patients to consider the submuscular position. When performed well by your surgeon, the results appear far more natural. You will look far better in your competition as well. It’s appealing (for some at least) to see a woman who has a very sculpted physique AND very soft, naturally appearing breasts. Chest exercise isn’t needed when you have submuscular implants-you already have great pectorals!

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