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Patient Details

This is a 45 year old woman who is 5’7″ and 120 pounds. She was from out-of-town and was interested in a breast augmentation. Upon examination, she is quite thin with very flat, involuted (collapsed) breasts. Her breasts and underlying chest wall are asymmetrical. She is seen here after a bilateral breast augmentation with 350cc silicone smooth walled implants placed in the crease beneath the breast. Theses photos were taken at seven weeks after her procedure.

There is an immediate improvement that is obvious: she finally has breasts; they are fuller, more proportional, and without the “sad” appearance. She has gone from having no assets to having wonderful assets. She is very pleased. They are soft, symmetrical, and she is enjoying shopping for clothes that she never would have considered before.

Her bra size history is such: She says she was a 36A before she had her surgery. She came to my office after her surgery wearing a 34C and after I sent her to Petticoat Fair to get professionally fit, she returned the same afternoon with a 32DD! The vast majority of women do not wear the correct bra-this is a fact. I can tell you that the main problem is that they choose a band width that is far too large. The smaller the band width the larger the cup size. Also, it should be known that nowadays the new C is a DD. This has to do with the bra manufacturers and their measuring system. A proper fitting bra is discussed at length on my Breast Augmentation procedue detail page.

I see many patients from out-of-town as well, and from all over the country for that matter. This takes more coordination for obvious reasons. Patients will send me photographs and we will talk with them to determine if the procedure they are interested in is appropriate, and whether I think we can perform it without compromising their care or results considering the distance issues. Some procedures are more easily performed on out-of-town patients than others.

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