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This is a 38 year old female who is 5’6′ and 130 pounds who was interested in a breast enhancement. Her main goal for the enhancement is to fit bras and clothing better. On the preoperative photos you can clearly see that she is very asymmetrical (both her breasts and her underlying ribs). The left breast is larger and sits on ribs that project more than the right side. You can clearly see this difference in the photo on the bottom left that was taken in the operating room at the foot of the table, looking up at her breasts.

When we tried on the implant sizers it appeared that a 75cc volume difference appeared to make her breasts look most symmetrical. She is seen here about three years after a bilateral breast augmentation with smooth silicone implants placed beneath the muscle through an inframammary incision using 400cc on the right and 325cc on the left.

What is most remarkable is how symmetrical her breasts appear with the augmentation alone. I always tell patients that no two breasts will ever look the same and this is even less likely when a woman starts off with such different breasts. However, this woman’s case they look remarkably similar. This outcome is more likely if your surgeon is experienced and has a good eye at making the appropriate adjustments. This is done in my office by trying on implant sizers with different shirts until we are all in agreement that the breasts look their best in not only volume, but also shape and size symmetry. With these relatively large implants, I worry about stretching of the skin over time. The bra that she is wearing exaggerates her cleavage which means that it is supporting the weight of her implants and giving the skin a break.

It is possible to create improved symmetry when breasts are asymmetrical by manipulating the size and type of implants as well as performing ancillary procedures like liposuction or breast tissue removal.

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