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Breast Augmentation Gallery Plastic Surgery in Austin | Patient 163

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This patient is seen here after a bilateral breast augmentation with 330cc high profile implants. She has a thin body habitus and has asymmetries of her breasts and her thorax. Ultimately these are generous sized implants and upon her most recent visit it was evident that without the use of a supportive “working bra” more often than less her implants will move off to the side and down as well. What happens when you have significant breast and chest asymmetries and undergo a breast augmentation? In many cases I can actually work with your asymmetries and your implants will make you look less asymmetrical. In some cases, implants seem to reveal the asymmetries even more so (much less common). This patient is in the latter category where some of her asymmetries are still evident. Having said that, her result is impressive for the amazing transformation for the better! Often reassurances are provided by me so my patients fully appreciate and “own” their new breasts.

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