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Breast Augmentation Gallery Plastic Surgery in Austin | Patient 155

Patient Details

This patient presented to be for a breast augmentation. To my surprise, this isn’t your ordinary breast augmentation as she has significant pectus excavatum or funnel chest condition. This means the ribs are shaped differently and the middle of the chest bone is deep. It typically doesn’t cause any medical issues and it’s considered cosmetic in nature.

Naturally, this isn’t the ideal chest shape that women desire. The depression and chest asymmetry cause significant breast asymmetry which is a challenge to hide or make appear normal. In her case she told me that when she was younger friends would put their hands up her bathing suit in the are where her chest was depressed.

These very early post-operative photos at 11 days are after I augmented her breast with two different sized smooth walled silicone implants – 275cc on the right and 450cc on the left. You can clearly appreciate that there is a remarkable improvement. She is very happy. They will never be perfect but they are perfectly amazing compared to what she had and the “fix” for her condition was not some type of complex rib reshaping procedure but the “simple” placement of breast implants.

She is at risk for breast symmastia or “kissing breasts”. This is because the implants will want to move to the middle of her chest due to gravity alone. To keep them separated she will need to be lucky and to wear a bra that helps separate her breasts (a thong bra) or wear anything between her breasts to keep them separated (silicone cookie for instance).

It’s an art to get the right size and shaped implants. They will always look more different naked than they will when wearing clothing. The key to success, in my practice, is to spend a lot of time in front of my large mirror and have the patient try on different implant sizers until we get it right. During the process we talk a lot about all the issue involved because knowledge is power and understanding. They won’t be perfect, but they will be enormously better than what was. Expectations are important so the patient is a happy camper.

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