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Some people are perfect candidates for a breast augmentation and this patient is a prime example.

The best candidate for a breast augmentation is someone who doesn’t need one. This means that they have sufficient breast tissue, enjoy a very nice shape and all they are looking for is something “extra”.

In this case, she has attractive breasts with some minor asymmetries and a natural breast shape that lacks some fullness in the upper parts. The use of an implant will be just what is needed to improve the breast shape, enhance upper breast fullness and provide her with all the “extra” anyone could want.

She is seen here 9 days after her augmentation with silicone implants placed below the muscle from an incision at the bottom of the breast. I used 375cc implants. Her breasts still haven’t settled yet (this takes about 6-8 weeks) but you get the idea of what is coming and it’s looking really good.

I wish all patients were perfect candidates for a breast augmentation. Patient satisfaction is really high with a breast augmentation no matter what the situation, but results can vary if there are significant breast or chest wall asymmetries that lead to differences that the patient focuses upon. It’s universal to forget what you started with so it’s easy to be critical afterwards (that’s until we look at your pre-operative photos to help explain any imperfections/differences).

As a veteran surgeon of 30 years, it’s my job to point out the differences that will impact your result so your expectations are reasonable. More importantly, it’s up to me to make sure I make adjustments in the plan of the procedure and the postoperative care and breast molding to ensure the very best result under any circumstance.

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