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This is a 34 year old mother of three who is 129 pounds and 5’3″ who wanted a breast enhancement. Nervous and quiet initially, she relaxed and enthusiastically told me that she used to have “higher, tighter, and perkier” breasts, but they have fallen.

On examination, she looked “top heavy” but I suspected this was because of the shape of her breasts. She has some sagginess of her breasts with a loss of superior fullness and a lot of lateral breast fullness that extended under her arms on both sides. Her breast essentially appeared wide and low and this made her look “frumpy.”

I felt that an augmentation with tissue removal along the sides of the breast as well as liposuction of the fat under her arms would help create a perky, narrower, more “lifted” appearing breast.

She is seen here five weeks after a bilateral breast augmentation with 325cc high profile saline implants placed below the muscle and tissue removal of about 25 grams along the side of the breast as well as 350cc of liposuction under her arms. Look at the remarkable difference; the breasts are narrower, lifted, and more shapely! Look where her moles are for reference. Look at the side views to really appreciate how I was able to “clean up” her lateral breast/underarm fullness.

This case illustrates that there can be “clever” ways of managing a breast. Not all breasts need a lift, and not all simply need an implant. There are circumstances where some “tricks” can be performed to obtain the best result. A breast augmentation alone would have made for a larger, fuller, and wider breast that may have been “better” than what she started with, but certainly would not have achieved the result seen here.

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