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Patient Details

This is a 42 year old mother of one who is 5 feet and 100 pounds who was interested in a breast enhancement. She is a competitive body builder and is in great shape. She is all muscle with very little body fat.

She is seen here after a bilateral SUBGLANDULAR breast augmentation with 355cc high profile smooth walled silicone implants placed through an incision at the bottom of each breast.

Learning points:

  1. Breast augmentation in body builders is different from those women who are not. The big issue is that their skin is so thin and their muscles are so developed that the breast implant will behave differently. Think skin means you can easily “see” and feel the implant. Large muscles means that the implant can move quite a bit with exercise (particularly if in the submuscular position). This is why I give consideration to the space above the muscle to minimize the movement of the implant. This is at the expense, however, of not having the added muscle cover on top of the implant to make for a more natural upper pole of the breast and to help “hide” the implant beneath more tissue.
  2. The larger the implant, the more you stretch and thin the existing tissue. Therefore, it is usually a better idea to choose for a smaller implant. She wanted these larger implants.
  3. It’s probably not a good idea to focus on your chest muscle after a breast augmentation in terms of future exercise. You won’t really see your pectoral muscle as it is under the breast after implant placement. The goal of many women body builders is to have impressive muscle development AND impressive breasts. It helps soften your appearance, and it’s more attractive to many.
  4. A breast augmentation in a body builder is all about tradeoffs. A wise choice in regards to implant size and placement and responsible support of your result with a working bra can make for an impressive result. Obviously, your choice of surgeon is critical in achieving your goals.

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