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This is a very instructive/educational case for anyone considering an abdominal tuck (which includes liposuction, full tuck with muscle tightening and a mini tuck procedure). In this case, she has had multiple previous abdominal procedures performed with significant scars on her abdomen. This complicates matters significantly, and your surgeon must be all over this. A full tuck procedure would be risky because the scars on her abdomen can negatively impact the procedure because of its detrimental influence on blood supply. This can reasonably result in loss of skin on the abdomen leading to infection and a long healing period and likely additional surgery to address this complication. Any mature, experienced surgeon will advise you to choose an option that may not be perfect but will make for a very nice result performed in a safe and reliable manner.

Her problem is she has very visible scars, we can’t find her belly button and she has a large skin apron that hangs below her abdomen. Her abdominal fascia is relatively flat even after pregnancies. Putting it all together, we discussed a liposuction of her abdomen and flanks, scar treatment with undermining/release and liposuction and a full skin tuck (removal) between the belly button and the pubic area. This “lift” also actually improves the pubic sagging that exits (FUPA as some call it).

Check out the difference between the pre and post treatment photos. She has a belly button now. No skin is hanging on her abdomen. Her abdomen is actually much smaller overall which enhances her curves nicely and appropriately, her actual scars appear much less apparent after treatment as well. In fact, her abdomen appears better without the impact of lighting on the photos I took. For this patient, the change for the better is remarkable and it was done safely and reliably. It’s easy to think that everything will be fine when you visit with your surgeon but this is not the case more often than you believe, or are led to believe. As always, your surgeon determines your destiny so choose well. She may not be perfect, but she is perfectly amazing!

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