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Tummy Tuck Gallery Plastic Surgery in Austin | Patient 21

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This mother of two children weighed 130 pounds and wanted to reduce her contour. She considered SmartLipo before coming to Westlake Plastic Surgery. She was fearful about a scar from a tummy tuck. We told her she would need both — a full tummy tuck and liposuction to achieve her goals. (Liposuction alone would not improve her abdominal area like a tummy tuck because she had only “fair” skin quality). We decided to perform a full tummy tuck and 2250cc liposuction of her hips, posterior waist and upper medial thighs.

Her “after” photos were taken at five months post-operatively. She weighs 122 pounds now, and her dress size decreased from a 10 to a 4. Note that she is much smaller, even though she still has cellulite and some loose skin around her hips. She has no complaints about her abdominal scar. She is elated with her results.

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