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This is a 47 year old mother of two, who is 5’8” and 140 pounds who presented to me for abdominal work. Her main complaint is that she does not like to “hold her tummy in” all the time. She is relatively thin and she has a nice appearing abdomen with only a modest amount of loose skin on the lower part of the abdomen, most noted when she bends over.

I told her that I could not guarantee here that by performing an abdominoplasty with fascial tightening, that she wouldn’t have to still “hold it in”. I performed a modified type abdominoplasty ( a “floating tuck”) because I felt that the primary goal was fascial tightening and not the removal of a lot of loose skin. I wanted to keep the scars to a minimum and keep the scar as low as possible. I wanted to avoid a scar around the belly button if possible as this would be the most noticeable scar when she wears a bathing suit.

A “floating tuck” means that there is an incision very low on the abdomen, the fascia is tightened to the max, and the belly button is “floated” with the skin on the abdomen rather than cut out and moved. It’s not for all comers but is ideal in her case, with her anatomy. She is seen here about 8 months after her procedure. She lost 12 pounds that she didn’t need to lose, but this benefited her big time because she lost mostly fat from the inside of her abdomen (interesting that she didn’t lose any breast volume). This makes her abdomen even smaller and flatter. She told me she is several pant sizes smaller. Her scar has done well and is low and well covered in most clothing. I plan on performing a small amount of liposuction just above the scar under local anesthesia to make the results even better. She is considering a small breast augmentation mostly for superior breast fullness.

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