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This is a 31 year old mother of three who is 5’6” and 135 pounds interested in a tummy tuck. She told me her three kids beat her up pretty good. She has a modest amount of fat about her trunk area, and she has a significant bulge in her abdominal region from weakening of the abdominal fascia from pregnancy.

She is seen here after a full abdominoplasty and some liposuction about her lower back and abdomen at the same time. I removed about 1500cc of fat. She is pleased with her outcome and says she got her pre pregnancy figure back. She does complain that her breasts are too large and heavy and is looking to have them lifted and reduced sometime in the near future. Her breasts are even larger now that her abdomen and trunk area where made significantly smaller with her procedures. Her breasts now stick out further than her abdomen. Her scar is healing well even though it’s only been six months from her procedures. She has very small dog ears at the ends of her lower abdominal incision but she doesn’t want to do anything about that. Her weight is stable. She only wishes she had more time to exercise and take better care of herself but finds this is a challenge when you have three young kids to care for.

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