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This mother of several desired correction of the damage done by having children. She had fullness of her midsection with excess fatty tissue and stretched abdominal fascia with skin excess/fullness.

She is seen here only 4 months after a full tummy tuck and liposuction of her abdomen and flanks. I didn’t do anything to her breasts.

You can totally appreciate the hip to hip scar on the lower abdomen and the small scar around the belly button. She actually has scarred quite well to date and given another year the appearance will be even better. Her abdomen is FLAT. She got a lift from the pubic area which is hard to appreciate in these photos. The total load of tissue excess is now gone and best appreciated in the photos with her bending over.

She is quite excited about her results and tells me that she has to often explain to her friends and family what happened—why such a difference in her appearance. What is really cool is that now she feels good enough about her body that she now wants to take care of it and goes to the gym and exercises frequently. Her husband really loves the difference and is happy for her and himself! Clothing is an entirely different ballgame now—“I got my pre pregnancy body back!”

If I can offer some advice for those of you reading this and considering this type of result I would highly recommend that you be relatively close to your ideal BMI (Body Mass Index) to obtain the best result in the safest circumstances. It is not a good idea to consider these procedures when you are overweight as the results will be disappointing or worse. It’s always best to consider plastic surgery when you are close to your ideal/healthy weight no matter what you are considering.

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