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Mommy Makeover Gallery Plastic Surgery in Austin | Patient 38

Patient Details

This patient is seen after a mommy makeover consisting of a breast revision (she had a previous breast augmentation) as well as a full abdominoplasty. Her breasts were unnatural in appearance and feel. She had saline implants. They looked and felt like two balloons on her chest. She wanted the same size or smaller. She wanted a result that looked and felt like natural breasts.

I chose to use silicone implants as that would address many of her concerns. They look and feel more natural than the saline variety. Also, because she had little of her own breast tissue they will work better than the saline to have a soft feel and natural shape and slope like a normal breast. I had to use internal biological material to help reconstruct her breasts as her pectoralis muscles were displaced significantly different from where mother nature placed them. Her result in the photos is real but what can’t be appreciated is the more normal, natural feel of her breasts.

She had several pregnancies that resulted in stretching of her fascia. This isn’t obvious in her pre operative photos because patients tend to “suck it in” when being photographed so you can’t fully appreciate the fullness of her midsection. A full abdominoplasty consists of skin removal, skin tightening, abdominal fascial tightening and often liposuction of the subcutaneous fatty layer of the abdomen.

What’s truly instructive in these photos is the fact that they were taken 2 years after her original surgery. It’s not common for patients to follow up after their surgery so now it’s quite evident that her scars have done super well—they are fine and flat. Post treatment use of compression garments and scar strips for many months helps the result significantly. Tummy tucks are best performed when you are at or close to your ideal weight. An abdominoplasty on an overweight patient can result in a barrel shaped midsection that isn’t particularly flattering or desirable.

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