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Female Liposuction Gallery Plastic Surgery in Austin | Patient 40

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These photos show the power of liposuction well done on the right patient. She has inherited excess fat deposits about her trunk and also has a “buffalo” hump on the backside of her neck. She is seen here a month after a large volume standard, traditional liposuction. It’s an absolute transformation to reveal a truly amazing figure. The benefits of her liposuction are the appearance of larger, shapelier breasts, a narrow waist, an enhanced buttock and a normal neck. She is the ideal candidate for liposuction because she is not overweight and has great skin elasticity with an underlying bone structure that will show off her impressive figure once all that fat was removed.

As I have educated for decades, there is no “new liposuction” or machine that makes for amazing liposuction results. Liposuction results are very much determined by the hands of your surgeon. Make sure you are in the best of hands and you too can enjoy the best liposuction results possible.

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