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Female Liposuction Gallery Plastic Surgery in Austin | Patient 06

Patient Details

This is a 38 year old woman who is 5’4” and 155 pounds who presented to me for treatment of the excess fat she had on her legs below her knees as well as the posterior hips.

She is seen here nine months after liposuction of these areas (everything below her knees, front and back as well as the posterior thighs). I removed 2550cc of fat.

The pictures aren’t perfectly proportional (the before and after’s), but I hope you can appreciate the improvement. In real time, face to face, it’s amazing. Her calf’s are smaller and more shapely for sure. She can actually wear cowboy boots and she HAS ANKLES! She says she is several dress sizes smaller and that the difference is very satisfying. Jeans are a breeze now. She has been working out a lot now and gained two pounds of muscle mass.

Lessons to learn:

  1. Lower extremity liposuction is more complex than elsewhere, particularly when you go below your knees. Irregularities are more common (she has a small one on the posterior calf on the left side) and swelling can be impressive and can stay around for six weeks or more. This is why I absolutely insist that my patients keep their feet above their hearts as much as possible for the first five days after the procedure in particular.
  2. Liposuction works well to expose ankles that are covered with a thick layer of fat. Again, it takes an expert surgeon to treat this area. Don’t trust just anybody with a laser lipo machine. Only trust those surgeons with proof they have “been there, done that” with successful outcomes.
  3. Wearing cowboy boots is pretty important in Texas.
  4. A history of blood clots in the lower legs or swelling of the lower legs would put you at higher risk for complications. You may want to avoid this type of procedure if you have these conditions.

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