Breast Implant Removal

Before And After Photos

This a 50 year old mother of two who is 5’1″ and 116 pounds who had a previous breast augmentation and she now wants her implants removed. She told me they feel hard and heavy and that she no longer likes them and she told me she wasn’t that much in love with them right after her augmentation. When she lays down, they go off to the side. She is active and they “get in the way”. She says it’s like “having a backpack on the front of my chest”.

She is seen here after removal of her saline implants. She was nice enough to supply me with some of the photos (included below) that were taken before her original breast augmentation (done elsewhere). As you can see, her breasts are pretty much the same as they were originally! It looks like she may have gained a few pounds but that’s about it.

She is happy with her decision. Many patients worry about how the skin will retract and the most common answer I give them is that they will generally be pretty similar to what you started with–not always though.  It’s always an adjustment having implants removed. I performed a recent case where the patient wanted her implants removed and I negotiated with her about choosing a much smaller implant and she was really happy that we convinced her.