Breast Revision

Before And After Photos

This patient presented for a breast revision. Her implants are 30 years old and most likely they are past their “shelf life” and would benefit from replacement. Even though her breasts are soft, she has loose skin and they are not as attractive as she would like. Her implants are also in the subglandular position.

For her revision I removed her ruptured, subglandular implants and I removed the implant capsules as well. They were 250cc textured implants. I put in 330cc high profile smooth round silicone implants below the muscle and performed a bilateral vertical breast lift to improve the shape of the breasts.

Her result is quite impressive as this type of surgery isn’t as predictable as I would like. I do know that she has worn the correct bra more often than not and this helps explain the superior breast position and shape that she enjoys.