Breast Revision

Before And After Photos

This 52 year old woman had a previous breast reduction with anchor scars. She desired an improvement in the appearance and shape of her breasts. They were still somewhat large, wide and a bit low. They did not appear particularly flattering and there was no superior fullness whatsoever. Her scars did quite well and her breasts were symmetrical.

She is seen here after a bilateral breast revision with my BAR procedure (Breast Augmentation and Reduction). I removed about 150 grams of tissue from each breast and placed 325 cc high profile silicone implants beneath the muscle. I did this with a vertical approach to the skin tightening with the final scar only up and down. Her old scars are still present but I managed to place them in a good position that hides quite well.

She has a small healing issue on the right breast that will require a minor scar revision in the future. The prominent rib on her right chest is well hid with the breast implant. Take a look at some of the moles on her chest in her before and after pictures to appreciate the difference in her breast shape. They are more narrow, perkier, higher and more youthful. Superior fullness is in abundance.