Breast Revision

Before And After Photos

This is a 57 year old who is 5’6″ and 175 pounds who came to my office with concerns about a right breast contracture. She had two previous surgeries on her breast performed elsewhere. Upon examination, her breasts were both quite large, and her right implant was contracted and distorted. You could rest a tea cup on her right breast as it was like a shelf. The right breast was non mobile and quite firm. The left breast was large but relatively normal. The implants were in the subglandular position and they were saline.

I performed a breast revision – I removed her saline implants and performed a complete capsulectomy (I removed the layer of scar tissue that forms around all implants.) I replaced her implants with the silicone variety and placed them in the same pocket. I removed 650cc saline implants and replaced them with 800cc silicone implants.

This is a rare instance when I would allow myself to place such large implants but this patient wanted larger implants and she was a very reasonable woman. She knew what she wanted, she trusted that I would take good care of her, and she wanted “that look.” I also felt I could perform this procedure with a high degree of certainty.

She is seen here about a year after surgery. Her breasts have done quite well with the revision. They are soft and symmetrical. Her abdomen looks smaller because I also did extensive liposuction on her abdomen and back. She was interested in this as well and I thought this would be a great opportunity to help her achieve her goal of really large breasts because by making her abdomen and trunk smaller, her breasts would appear bigger. It’s an illusion for sure, but this is a good way of keeping the implant size reasonable.