Breast Revision

Before And After Photos

This female patient is 5’8″ and 143 pounds and had a previous breast augmentation performed elsewhere and was not satisfied with the result. Her breasts are laterally displaced on her chest wall (“under my arms”) and her breast skin is loose and saggy. It’s easy to palpate rippling of her saline implants because she has very little breast tissue covering her implants.

We discussed a breast augmentation/reduction/mastopexy procedure with the use of silicone implants, adjustment of the implant pocket medially, and a lift and tightening of the breast tissue. She was very concerned about the scars from the breast lift.

These are her breast revision post operative photos taken at four months. She couldn’t be happier with her result. Her scars have done beautifully and she has no problem with them whatsoever BECAUSE not only are they finer than she thought they would be, but the drawback of her scars pales in comparison to the outstanding appearance of her breasts! As a general rule, fear of scars on the breast are overblown.