Breast Revision

Before And After Photos

This woman had several children. Her large breasts “fell” after her pregnancies. She had a breast lift and breast implants placed by another surgeon. She had a contracted right breast with loose skin on both breasts.

She came to Westlake Plastic Surgery because she wanted her breasts to be tighter, elevated, softer and more natural and symmetrical in appearance.

We performed a breast reconstruction by removing her implants, reducing breast tissue on both breasts, and placing 300cc silicone implants beneath the muscle and revising her breast lift (Mastopexy) to tighten the breast and remove excess skin. After her procedure, she had some skin excess below the right breast and her implant was displaced a bit laterally (see second photo).

A second procedure was performed to remove excess skin below the right breast and move the implant toward the midline of her chest. Her reconstruction is complete in the third photo.

Complex reconstructions often require more than one surgical procedure to obtain the best result. It is interesting how much this patient’s life was changed by making her happy with her breasts. She hadn’t realized how unhappy she was because of her displeasure with her breasts. She also learned the value of wearing a proper supportive bra which helped to mold her breasts as well as provide long term support to preserve her wonderful new breast shape.