The Importance Of Good Posture After Gynecomastia Treatment

posture-thumbPosture after gynecomastia treatment is important to consider post gyno treatment. Gynecomastia patients almost always exhibit poor posture—shoulders shrugged and back bent. I completely understand why you assume this posture—you have been conditioned to hide something that is a major source of humiliation and embarrassment.

 There are consequences to this poor posture—you appear introverted, reserved, and not at all confident. Is that the way you want to appear to others? Patients who have stayed in this bent positon for many years can become “frozen” in this position. It can be quite difficult if not impossible to straighten them out. 

Poor posture can negatively affect the surgical treatment results. When hunching forward, the skin of the chest is loose. When the shoulders are back, the skin on the chest is tight and pulled up. Properly positioning shoulders back and down keeps the skin taut after surgery, minimizing the possibility of skin folds or creasing. The compression garment and roller device will also help the skin retract.

I insist that all my patients work on their posture after gynecomastia treatment. Performing “wall angels” can be quite effective. Place your back to the wall with your shoulders and head plastered against it. Hold that position for 1 minute and then step away. You will know how it feels when your shoulders are where they are supposed to be. Additional physical therapy may be helpful as well. 

Gynecomastia treatment is all about removing the burden that holds you back. Emotional and physical recovery will take some time and you will need to help yourself. You have nothing to hide now, so keep your shoulders back and down, and face the world proudly and confidently! 

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