How Does Living With Gynecomastia Affect My Every Day Life?

Having gynecomastia is no fun. I was drawn to performing treatment for gynecomastia with surgery after realizing how much gynecomastia negatively affects those who have it (not to mention their friends and loved ones). Living with gynecomastia is a daily issue—from deciding what to wear every morning to avoiding social situations that could result in embarrassment.

So how does living with gynecomastia affect my every day life? After treating as many gynecomastia patients as I have, I can answer that question with everything I’ve learned from my patient stories, and ultimately about the motivation they all had to make a positive difference in their life and treat the condition.

How does living with gynecomastia affect my every day life?After you finally decide what you are going to wear that day and determine what activities and spaces you are going to avoid (you certainly aren’t going to take you shirt off at the office pool party), you will likely spend most of the day with your shoulders hunched so your condition is less noticeable. Every day you live with a condition that you think about, that reminds you, that you are ashamed of.

Gynecomastia comes in various shapes and forms. The universal constant is that in many guys it plays with your head. Over a long period of time, this can lead to maladaptive behaviors that change who you are and can influence who you may be in the future.

I see the reality of this situation every day in my practice and it is my hope, that by increasing awareness and lowering the barriers for treatment, that I help those who suffer and save those who are just beginning their journey with gynecomastia.

Timing is everything. The earlier we are able to treat those with this condition the more likely they will not suffer permanent mental damage. In most cases, it starts during puberty, which occurs sometime around ages 10-12. If it is not gone in a year or two, and if you are preoccupied by gyno and it has been a source of humiliation, this is the time to seek medical advice.

Life is too short and precious to waste being burdened with gynecomastia. Fix it with gynecomastia surgery and move on. I am here to help, but you have to take the first step. Liberation can be an Online Consultation away!

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