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risperdal gynecomastia lawsuit - side effects of risperdal medication causing gyno

Risperdal Gynecomastia Lawsuit : What You Need To Know

I am not an attorney and I don’t like to get involved in legal matters, but you should know about the class action Risperdal gynecomastia lawsuit against Johnson & Johnson. Risperdal is an antipsychotic medication that has been used by people of all ages and genders. It is one of numerous drugs and medications that may cause side effects of enlarged male breasts a.k.a. gynecomastia. Here are some details on the Risperdal lawsuit as it relates to developing gyno. Several thousand […]

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puffy nipples and gynecomastia

Puffy Nipples and Gynecomastia – How They Are Related And How They Are Treated

The definition of gynecomastia – also known as puffy nipples, gyno or man boobs – is not based on any particular type of tissue on your chest. It is most simply defined as “the appearance of a female-like breast in a male”. You don’t have to have hard tissue or lumpy rocks that you can feel under your areolas. If your chest is rounded and prominent like a woman’s, you most certainly have gynecomastia. It is caused by excess tissue […]

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gyno from steroids, prohormones or hormones - causes of gynecomastia

Gyno From Steroids – What You Need To Know

I had a young man yesterday who had undergone two previous treatments for gynecomastia and continued to have fullness of his chest with puffy nipples. He was without a doubt a bodybuilder with a big, strong muscular frame and his case made me think about all the men who develop gyno from steroids. He was a perfectly nice guy from out of town who had come to the Austin Gynecomastia Center for surgical treatment after I reviewed his Virtual Consultation. […]

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hiding gynecomastia with poor posture slouching shoulders to cover up gyno

The Dangers Of Hiding Gynecomastia

I’ve recognized a pattern of poor posture in the vast majority of gynecomastia patients. It’s a coping mechanism that helps people hide something that is very embarrassing. For gynecomastia patients, hiding gynecomastia by slouching the shoulders hides the prominence of breasts with or without a shirt. On more careful analysis, some patients not only slouch their shoulders, but also bend their spine in the mid thorax to create what I call the “double fold.” In the photo above, you can […]

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teen gyno - letter from a teenage gynecomastia patient

Teen Gyno – “I’m Too Nervous To Talk About It”

Dear Mom and Dad, I think I have gynecomastia and I’m too nervous to talk about it. It’s kinda weird. I remember when I was going through puberty, Dad had said that I was going to develop some facial hair and that my voice was going to change. At first I thought that was strange but then I looked at my older classmates and thought it would be nice to be cool like them. The idea of shaving seemed so […]

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gynecomastia definition - what is gynecomastia?

Gynecomastia Definition – What Is Gynecomastia? Do I Have It?

I’m often asked for a gynecomastia definition. Simple. Gynecomastia is the appearance of a female-like breast in a man; this is why the condition is derogatorily referred to as “man boobs.”  There is confusion about what gynecomastia is and how to deal with it, but this confusion comes from misunderstandings, marketing, manipulation, and greed.  In reality, it’s all very straightforward. If your chest looks fuller and rounder than the average man’s, you may have gynecomastia. If your chest can be better […]

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