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Gynecomastia, Hormone Replacement Therapy & Testosterone Therapy: What You Need To Know

Testosterone is the male sexual hormone. It is responsible for the features that make a man a man. Hormone replacement therapy, also known as testosterone therapy, is the use of testosterone as a replacement in aging men whose natural levels decrease with age. It has become a HUGE business. Currently, hormone replacement therapy is a 2 billion dollar a year business with a 500% increase in prescription sales over the years 1993 to 2000. “Off label” use of the hormone […]

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Who Is A Gynecomastia Expert?

Who is a gynecomastia expert? “I have done some research, but everyone seems to be a gynecomastia expert.” “How do I know who is the “best” doctor?” There is no formal specialized training in gynecomastia surgery. Almost all board certified plastic surgeons have seen and probably treated some gynecomastia patients. It’s part of their “scope of practice” — part of their formal training. Having said that, who is the best at treating this condition? My answer to this question is […]

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If I Have Gynecomastia, Should I Lose Weight?

This is a common question from my gynecomastia patients. You would think that all these guys are overweight but this is often not the case. Gynecomastia and weight loss can actually make the chest fullness look WORSE! Why would this be? The answer is that most gynecomastia cases are some combination of fat and glandular tissue. If the amount of fat shrinks around the glandular tissue as you loose weight, the result is a prominence of the gland which can make […]

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