What All Women Need to Know About Bras

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I was recently in a major department store in Austin shopping for bras. I bumped into one of my patients who told me that she was told by the salesperson that every plastic surgeon has his/her own ideas about bra use after breast enhancement. Some say underwire, others say not. Some say it’s not necessary to even wear a bra. And we haven’t even gotten into the sizing confusion—European versus American sizing and the fact that there is no agreement among the manufacturers about sizing.

I have tried to sort this out in my head for years but have come to the conclusion that it’s a futile endeavor. To simplify matters, I would suggest to you the following:

  1. Most women wear an incorrect bra size and fit. Accept this fact and move on.
  2. Unless you have “stuck on” contracted or tiny breasts, you need to wear a bra. Gravity will work on your breasts to move them down and out to the side. Wear a good bra or you may sag.
  3. Don’t worry as much about the actual size of the bra—choose fit and results. It should fit you well and support your breasts. You want to see “up and in.” You want to feel like the weight of your breasts is being supported by your bra and not your skin.
  4. Under wires aren’t necessary unless you find that they do a better job of achieving the end result (see number three above). New bras without underwires can often work very well.
  5. It takes time to get used to a bra that works best for you. Once you get used to it, you can’t imagine wearing a flimsy bra with no support.
  6. Sleeping bras work beautifully to support your breasts at night. Try it, you’ll like it.
  7. Bras that support well can also be sexy.
  8. If you have never visited with a quality bra fitter, you need to consider it at least once. It will open your eyes for sure.
  9. A great bra will improve your appearance tremendously—and no surgery is needed!
  10. Be prepared to drop some dough on a nice bra. They don’t come cheap.

The bottom line: Learn how a good bra should fit. Then you should try on bras the way you would try on a pair of jeans—eventually you will find that “perfect” fit!

Other considerations:

  • Some bra fitters act like they always know exactly what you need, but in reality what you need is dependent on your personal surgical situation and your body. No one’s breasts are the same, so breast augmentation patients may all have different styles / types / brands of bras.
  • Also, comfort should be of great concern. Too rigid of bras can be uncomfortable.The right bra for you may be a larger size than you expect to be. Try out several different sizes and in the end some will give you the great breast shape you desire.
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