Why My In-Office Operating Facility At Westlake Plastic Surgery Is Such An Advantage To You

I’m not convinced that perspective plastic surgery patients really look at the deeper layers of those they consider for their surgery. Often decisions are made on marketing, Google rank and price considerations. When you think about it, cosmetic plastic surgery is all about beauty issues, but the actual manner in which the service is provided is serious business that needs critical evaluation and scrutiny to ensure your safety and success.

My in-office operating room is a prime example of some “nuts and bolts” of my practice that offers my patients a huge advantage over most of my competitors. Having my OR in my office means convenience and privacy to start. It’s much easier to conduct any surgical procedure there than in any SurgiCenter or Hospital. My staff is my A team. They all work for me, understand my way of doing business, and are held to the very high standards of Westlake Plastic Surgery.

My anesthesisolgist has been with me for my entire career here in Austin. She is the real deal anesthesia MD who has a flawless track record of success. In my world, there could be nothing less. If we were to travel to an outside facility, I really couldn’t tell you who will be your medical caregivers. That’s not particularly comforting.

The facility is accredited by AAAASF. Although this is just a sequence of letters, it means that my facility is credentialed by a very reputable credentialing entity whose certification means a lot in terms of safety, organization and management of my facility. My place is inspected thoroughly every three years. Although you would agree that hospitals and surgery centers are also certified, the real concern are the small offices whose facilities are NOT certified (as you might assume). This is a particularly dangerous circumstance that you may expose yourself to if not careful.

My facility takes quite a lot of effort to maintain and manage. It is mostly a convenience to my patients but an added challenge to the surgeon. Having my own OR in my office also helps to control costs—you can’t compare the cost of my facility with a Hospital or Surgicenter. This means less cost to you AND better care.

A word to the wise: what you want to avoid is an unregulated, uncertified facility. This is what we refer to as work being performed at a house, strip mall or any other “shady” place. There is no reason whatsoever to subject yourself to a potentially dangerous situation. Make sure your surgeon is Board Certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery and that your facility is fully accredited by one of only several credentialing bodies.

Better personalized care, less cost, more convenient, greater safety and enhanced privacy all give fully accredited in office operating facilities a huge advantage over the alternatives. For your safety and success, I would recommend that you look deeper into any practice of plastic surgery to make sure that you are truly in the best of hands during the serious business of plastic surgery.

breast augmentation procedure at Westlake Plastic Surgery performed by Dr. Robert Caridi and his staffWatch