Why Do We Get Gyno Surgery?

answering the question why do we get gyno surgery

It’s a simple question. We know that gyno negatively impacts our daily lives — not for everyone, but for many guys who have it. It’s a benign condition, meaning it won’t harm us physically. But it gets into our heads, which becomes the fundamental problem with gyno.

We try to ignore it, deal with it on our own. We try to hide our gyno by wearing clothes that camouflages the female-like breasts, and we avoid situations that may reveal our chests in public or — even worse — to someone special. We often are made fun of for having gyno. We try to ignore it, but it hurts. That hurt turns to shame and that shame can work in mysterious ways to make us feel less of a man, less confident, less whole, less happy.

“Forget that invite to the pool party.”

Years can go by, and we can believe that we are dealing with our gyno. But it becomes clear that we have only adjusted to our gyno by engaging in unproductive behaviors. Forget that invite to the pool party. Forget about wearing that cool shirt you saw recently. Don’t even consider becoming intimate with that special person for fear of exposing your chest. 

These behaviors, over time, start to define us and affect how others perceive us. We want to be normal just like everyone else, but something is keeping us from achieving that reality. We are being held back. Our personalities are stymied. We are not who we want to be. It is frustrating. It is there day in and day out without relief.

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The questions we ask

What caused this? Why do I have this chest? Why me? What can I do about it? Do I dare tell my family or friends that I am concerned about this? Real men just suck it up and deal with stuff — right?

We do our research. We learn about gyno, a lot of stuff from various sources, and much of it says the same thing. That’s because it all comes from the same ancient gynecomastia book. They copy the same information with slight changes from one site to the next to make it seem original and genuine.

“Do I really have to go visit with a doctor to make my gyno go away?”

We keep asking ourselves the same questions. Can I handle it myself without surgical treatment? Do I have to visit a doctor to make my gyno go away? We search for information related to self-treatment: exercise, diet, pills, and other remedies to make this all go away without telling someone else about our problem. We don’t want to see a doctor if we don’t have to, and we also know that money doesn’t grow on trees.

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Help is available for men with gyno         

We need help for various reasons. We are frustrated. We are confused. We may not have the financial resources. What is the best treatment? Who is the best to care for me? Is gyno something that any doctor can handle, or is it something that requires experience, skill, and a higher understanding to achieve the desired outcome? I’ve never had surgery before. It scares me. I have seen so much crazy stuff on the Internet. Do I really have to go under the knife to make this problem go away?

“We want to wake up every morning and start the day with positive mirror feedback.”

The thought of living with gyno forever just feels wrong. Why would I want to live with this when I am aware of treatment that can make this go away once and for all time? We subject ourselves to the treatment of gyno because it is the only way to get to the promised land — shirtless and feeling confident at a pool party. We want to wake up every morning and start the day with positive mirror feedback.

We are sick of hiding it, dealing with it. We just want it gone. This is why we engage in gynecomastia treatment. We have to reach out for help. It is ok. It is the only thing to do to end this nightmare. We will choose the right gynecomastia surgeon who has all the qualities that we know in our hearts are essential for positive, life-transforming results.

I’ve helped thousands of men say goodbye to gyno, and you could be next. Know for sure that what you’re experiencing isn’t in your head and find out what you can do about it. When you’re ready to have your gynecomastia diagnosed by an expert, schedule a free consultation with Westlake Plastic Surgery.

Robert Caridi, MD
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Fellow of the American College of Surgeons (FACS)
Member of the American Society of Plastic Surgeons (ASPS)
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