What Is The Most Common Cause Of Puffy Nipples After Gynecomastia Surgery?


The two visual problems with gynecomastia or “man boobs” are the exaggerated size and shape of the chest area and the appearance of puffy nipples. The latter problem is perhaps the most embarrassing and humiliating aspect of gynecomastia because the appearance of nipples in men is considered a feminine trait.

There are many ways men try to deal with this issue, from shrugging their shoulders, wearing compressive shirts or multiple shirts, to stimulating them to contract or worst of all, using tape to cover them. These are all temporary solutions to a problem that can only be solved with gynecomastia treatment. So why do I get so many inquiries from all over the world about recurrent puffy nipples after gynecomastia surgery?

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The number one cause of this problem is inadequate tissue removal, particularly the tissue at “ground zero,” that area immediately beneath the nipple areola complex where the gland originates. The second cause may be the development of scar tissue in this sensitive area after treatment, which can appear and behave just like natural glandular tissue.

Inexperienced surgeons often leave some of this tissue so the nipple-areola doesn’t collapse after surgery. I have developed numerous proprietary techniques, such as my “internal flaps” and my “waffle” technique, to avoid this problem. My goal is to remove ALL glandular tissue and restore the area with normal fatty tissue that doesn’t “clump” and create a puffy appearance.

The bottom line is that treatment usually requires a second procedure to remove this remaining gland, which can be a challenge in many cases. The best option is have it done right in the first place. The Austin Gynecomastia Center is all about getting it right the first time, removing your burden once and for all.

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