What Is The Difference Between A Breast Augmentation And Reduction (BAR) Procedure And A Breast Augmentation And Mastopexy?

Because the future of advanced breast enhancement requires tissue reduction and implant placement, it’s important for an educated patient to completely understand the differences in terminology that the media and plastic surgeons use to describe these alternative breast enhancements.
In a mastopexy, or breast lift, the breast is reshaped by tightening the skin of the breast around the existing tissue without tissue removal. Results will almost certainly deteriorate in a short period of time and WILL NOT add fullness to the upper part of the breast. Plastic surgeons cannot expect skin to hold the shape of the breast indefinitely.

On the other hand, a breast reduction requires tissue removal followed by breast reshaping. Removal of the tissue not only allows me to better shape the breast, it also reduces the recurrence of sagging, if not for the simple reason that tissue that is removed can’t sag!

Why is this important to you? You need to know exactly what your surgeon plans on doing when it comes to your breast enhancement, because the quality of your outcome and the safety of your procedure are very much dependent on what is performed. It should be known that breast augmentation mastopexy is a relatively new procedure and is still deemed more difficult for the average plastic surgeon. Breast lift with implants – also known as Breast Augmentation and Reduction – has yet to be formally accepted and published in the surgical literature and is not even offered to patients as an alternative.

The bottom line is that both of these advanced procedures require skill and experience. Anything less will set you up for disappointment and potential complications. There is a learning curve with all new procedures and techniques, so only consider the most experienced plastic surgeons for your breast enhancement.

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