What Is The Best Plastic Surgery Procedure For Larger, Saggy Breasts?

cavewoman-cropMany women enjoyed having larger perky breasts when they were young. Following the laws of gravity, unfortunately, everything comes down with time. Weight fluctuations, pregnancy and the monthly menstrual cycle contribute to the gradually falling breast.

There are visible consequences of these breast changes. Over time, there is generally a loss of size that is particularly noticeable at the top of the breast where youthful fullness turns flat. The lower breast appears more matronly, the upper chest looks longer and the waist appears shorter. The nipples that once looked at the sky now look down at the ground. Worse yet, you used to put your bra on your breasts and now you put them in your bra. The entire process is disappointing, and the breasts appear sad and deflated. Your best assets no longer work to your advantage.

The solution to this problem occurred to me over ten years ago when confronted by a patient who requested to have her large, saggy breasts lifted back up to “where they used to be.” It sounds easy enough, but I realized that the current breast augmentation procedures simply wouldn’t work to meet her expectations.

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So I came up with the BAR procedure: Breast Augmentation and Reduction. Simply put, I remove the tissue that sags at the bottom of the breast and use a breast implant to build the upper breast that is flat. The nipples are repositioned so they look up again, and the breast is reshaped and tightened so the end appearance may be even better than what you had during your best days.

Ten years and 400 cases later, the response has been nothing but amazement. The procedure has proven to be safe and reliable and my patients have been very pleased. There is no plastic surgery breast enhancement alternative that is more successful at correcting this challenging breast condition than the BAR procedure. See for yourself. Click here to discover the revolution in breast enhancement, brought to you by Westlake Plastic Surgery in Austin, Texas.

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