What Is My Specialty?

Dr. Robert Caridi - Austin Plastic Surgeon - Westlake Plastic Surgery

I sometimes get this question from patients who want to know if there is a certain procedure that I am really good at. Most people know that I limit my practice to elective cosmetic surgery, but is it breast, liposuction, facelifts or noses?

Within the category of “elective cosmetic surgery” one might judge from my website that I concentrate on breast, but this is somewhat misleading. Demand for breast enhancement is high in my geographic area (young population), so naturally I do a lot of breast work. However, I would say that about 40 percent of my practice is facial plastic surgery. I perform a great deal of facelifts and neck lifts, brow lifts, nose jobs and the like.

I also spend a lot of my time performing body contouring procedures and revision surgery. Body contouring procedures include liposuction and abdominoplasty or tummy tuck surgeries. Revision surgery refers to procedures performed on those who have had previous work. Revisionary procedures are challenging and fun, as they demand the highest level of experience and expertise.

So, to answer the question, I specialize in cosmetic plastic surgery. If there is a procedure that you request, and I feel you would be better served by another surgeon, I won’t hesitate to make that recommendation. When it comes to cosmetic plastic surgery, you’re in good hands at Westlake Plastic Surgery.

Robert Caridi, MD

breast augmentation procedure at Westlake Plastic Surgery performed by Dr. Robert Caridi and his staffWatch