What Is Gynecomastia? Take A Load Off Your Chest And Your Mind

what-is-gynecomastia-800What is gynecomastia? Also known as “man boobs” gynecomastia is the appearance of a female like chest in a male. The consequences for many guys are frustration, humiliation, embarrassment and a maladaptive behaviors that could last a lifetime if untreated. An interesting fact is that this condition is benign and cosmetic, but the mental burden can often be quite severe. Modern medicine has not even described or attributed a psychological condition to gynecomastia.

The Austin Gynecomastia Center is owned and operated by Dr Robert Caridi, informally known as “Dr C” in Cyberspace. Since its founding 10 years ago, the AGC has become the prime landing place for all those considering education about, and treatment for gynecomastia.

I fix your gynecomastia by making your chest appear normal and manly, and then work to fix the mental consequences. The first part is easy in my hands, the mental/psychological aspect of treatment is less known and poorly studied and I can’t offer my patients much help here other than guidance, encouragement and strength of spirit. Most of my current efforts on behalf of gynecomastia patients worldwide are to bring attention to the poorly understood and studied psychological consequences of gynecomastia.

The reason to treat gynecomastia with surgery is to improve the appearance of the chest and hope that this improves the patient’s state of mind. There is no doubt that treatment works, but we don’t know who is more likely to fully recover, and who may need additional therapy to help them reach their full potential. If you have gynecomastia, stop coming up with excuses that delay treatment, and please consider the Austin Gynecomastia Center and Dr. Robert Caridi.

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