What Is The Normal Appearance Of The Male Chest?

Male chest contour is an important question to consider when talking about gynecomastia treatment. There is tissue on the chest of some men that drives them crazy and causes all sorts of problems. Should you have all the tissue removed? Should you leave some of it so that it appears “normal”, or can your surgeon achieve the best of all worlds—remove all the glandular tissue and make sure enough fat  is left so that the chest contour is the best?

Male Chest Sketch

This is the meat and potatoes issue of gynecomastia treatment. It is easy enough to remove tissue for an experienced surgeon, but how do you contour the chest in the individual patient so that he is most pleased with the result? Gyno affects men in different ways. Some want it “all gone” and others think they would be happy with knowing they may have less risk of contour irregularities if they leave some tissue. This is the issue of over removal or under removal of tissue.

Simply said, take too much and you may have some collapse and contour irregularities, leave too much and you may not “see a difference” and you may be able to feel remaining tissue that bugs you.

So, what’s the solution? For me, it’s all about what I have learned from treating hundreds of cases of gynecomastia at the Austin Gynecomastia Center. I find out what the patient wants and doesn’t want, I make an assessment of their personality and what I think they will be most happy with, and then I use my professional judgment and experience to contour it “just right”. I may not hit it perfectly every time, but I can tell you that I do a pretty darn good job. Experience matters. Knowing and understanding your patient is critical.

I understand gynecomastia.

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