What Happens After I Have Been Liberated From My Gynecomastia?

Victory Arms
“We are very proud of you. Keep your shoulders back, invest in yourself, use the roller firmly and frequently and enjoy the new you and your new beginning.”

“Thank you so much, Dr. Caridi. I appreciate all you’ve done for me. Like you said, I’m a new me.”

This is an email exchange with one of my patients who had recently come out from a rather large gynecomastia/chest contouring treatment.

I completely understand what it means to suffer from gynecomastia and the huge negative impact it can have. I understand because I ask questions and I listen to your responses. My very own Austin Gynecomastia Center is a tribute to all those who suffer and for all those who have been treated and are recovering.

Positive life changes are more likely to occur when the stars align. To me, this means that you’ve been worn down from traveling a long straight road with no exits. But for once you can see an exit and you take it, leading to a different and better road. 

It’s a new you, with all the opportunities in life that lie ahead. You have to choose to take those exits, seize opportunities, and make the best of them.

You no longer have gynecomastia. Learn to live with your new look and start to heal the scars that have been imprinted on you over the years. For some it isn’t easy, while for others it’s like an on/off switch. Everyone is unique—you will recover in your own way, on your own schedule.

Sit up straight, shoulders back, and keep on smiling!

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