Unrivaled Plastic Surgery Services and Amazing Espresso

Unrivaled Plastic Surgery Services and Amazing EspressoWestlake Plastic Surgery is known for unrivaled plastic surgery services and amazing espresso.

Most of my dear patients know that I am a big fan of my espresso. I’m often found enjoying my brew during the day and we encourage all who visit to partake in the experience. I probably learned how to enjoy coffee when I was in elementary school. My family always had a steel percolator pot of coffee with “Eight-o-clock” coffee beans. I remember the sound and sight of the bubbling water at the top of the pot and the aroma that permeated the kitchen.

I am a big Starbucks fan, but only of their beans. In the old days they had good coffee too, but their machines today value speed over quality, resulting in a coffee that is too acidic. They still have the best beans around though.

When you spend nine hours a day in your office, you come to call it home, and your patients, guests. I want my guests to feel comfortable and I feel obligated to treat them like family. If they enjoy coffee we are happy to make them a brew — regular, espresso, or cappuccino. The key to great coffee starts with fresh ingredients — water, beans, and milk. Coffee beans only last about a week until they dry out and lose their mojo. I have a countertop semi-automatic machine that is easy to maintain and offers us great shots consistently.

If you would like to enjoy a Cup of Joe while visiting Westlake Plastic Surgery, please allow us to show off our barista skills. Welcome to our home.