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success-sunset-cropI have spent a significant part of the past ten years raising awareness about the gynecomastia psychological burden. The condition of gynecomastia or having “man boobs” has not only physical but also a psychological burden carried by all men who suffer from it. When I realized how profoundly it affected my patients, I felt it was my duty to help others because no one should have to live under the shadow of this condition. It breaks my heart to read some of the emails that I routinely receive from patients all over the world describing how gynecomastia has wreaked havoc in their lives.

My gynecomastia videos were made for educational purposes and to put a face behind the surgeon who has learned so much from his patients. The passion you feel in those videos is genuine—I’m not an actor. My relationship with my patients is based on trust and the principle of wanting to know the truth. I don’t tell my patients what they want to hear, I just tell them the way it is. Fortunately at the Austin Gynecomastia Center, this is straightforward and simple.

For over ten years, I have effectively managed and treated this condition for almost a thousand patients. I have learned about the psychological burden that my patients carry and I have refined my surgical technique to an art form only because I have had the privilege of practicing on so many patients. I am not perfect, but each and every day I learn how to be even better at what I do.

The hardest part of gynecomastia shouldn’t be choosing the right surgeon. I offer my patients the very best opportunity to have their gynecomastia treated by someone who is not only a true expert at the procedure, but also someone who understands the mental part as well.

Best of all, this is no nonsense. I hope you will consider the Austin Gynecomastia Center when you are ready to finally live the life you’ve wanted. Thank you for the privilege and opportunity to be of service.

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