Three Things That Are Great For My Business

Pregnancy is wonderful in terms of keeping me busy. Much of my time is spent dealing with the consequences of pregnancy—breasts lose their shape and fall, abdomens stretch and become very lax, and fat seems to find new permanent homes in unwanted places.

Gravity is relentless and it’s all around us. You know what that is: hold a ball in your hands and let it go and it will hit the floor. It keeps us from floating off to space but makes our faces and bodies sag.

Aging is inevitable. When you are young you want to be older. When you are old you want to be younger. The process of aging is unavoidable—we all have a beginning and an ending. What goes on in between is what makes a plastic surgeon smile—the sun damage, wrinkles and sagging that comes with the passage of time.

Plastic surgery is not a fountain of youth, and it’s not the holy grail of everlasting beauty. It’s simply a way of making the transition between the beginning and the end a little more tolerable.

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