The Reality of Plastic Surgery: The World Of Plastic Surgery As You Know It May Not Be The World Of Plastic Surgery That I Live In

The Reality of Plastic SurgeryPeople learn about plastic surgery from the media, friends and family, as well as their own experiences with prior procedures. It’s not uncommon that when I meet a patient for the first time, I can sense awkward moments, long pauses and incredulous stares caused by the mismatch of what I have said and reality as they know it.

One example is the length of recovery from a particular procedure. I may say a week or two but other surgeons have told them “at least six weeks.”

Some surgeons may tell a patient that her breast procedure will take two surgeries to reach the ultimate result, while I may say it can be done all at once, safely and reliably.

Some patients think SmartLipo is the best option for liposuction, while I will tell them that is simply not truthful and that it’s the surgeon who decides the quality of the result.

Why is my world so different than what others believe, when I am actually living in the world of plastic surgery? What is the reality of plastic surgery?

The answer is because I am different than most plastic surgeons. I have always lived by the mantra that I want my practice to be “boring” and that there is no other way to be with my patients than truthful. My advice comes from many years of experience, so what I tell patients tends to be an accurate reflection of reality. I also don’t sell patients or market to their vulnerabilities in order to make a “sale.” In fact, I have irked a few patients by being so honest and blunt when it comes to their health and well-being.

The best way I have managed to effectively communicate with my patients is to think the way they do. Unfortunately, I don’t watch a lot of TV or listen to gossip and heresy from others regarding plastic surgery so I am not aware of what happens in “Extreme Makeover” or “Botched.” I am patient if I sense that our discussions have created a conflict that needs clarification.

If you want the best from your consultation at Westlake Plastic Surgery, I would suggest that you try to be open-minded so you can learn from a different viewpoint. In most cases, what I may tell you is far better than what you have learned elsewhere!