Our Keep Austin Weird Tote Bag With Supplies For Gynecomastia Surgery Recovery

supplies for gynecomastia surgery recovery

Over the past decade, the Austin Gynecomastia Center has turned into one of the most popular destinations for the treatment of gynecomastia. Thousands of patients have come through our doors and have experienced the finest service from a medical team dedicated to the treatment of gynecomastia. We continue to refine our system and make improvements as we learn what works best for our patients. Our priority has always been, and will always be, the comfort and safety of the folks who have entrusted us with their care. We recently improved on our process when we realized many patients don’t know what or where to buy supplies for gynecomastia surgery recovery.

I have always said that there is a perfect fit for the “Keep Austin Weird” saying about my wonderful city. What else is “weirder” than having gynecomastia, having a chest area resembling that of a woman? The Austin Gynecomastia Center is a great place to have your gynecomastia taken care of expertly, safely and without all the hassle experienced in most other places. If you are local, you are a lucky man. If you are from outside Austin (or even from overseas), I only need you for 34 hours and you will be back in business — as a new man too!

My ever-thoughtful staff has come up with something that helps our patients tremendously — a “Keep Austin Weird” bag that is full of unexpected necessities for your treatment and supplies for gynecomastia surgery recovery. We do the shopping for you so that you can recover in peace. Items like your compression garment are important, but I don’t know many guys who would know or want to go shopping for the Maxi pads that are used as post procedure dressings. And as a small token of your time with us, the tote will hopefully forever remind you of your life-changing experience in Austin, Texas. I hope that whenever you see it, it will bring a big smile to your face, as it should.

If you are considering treatment at the Austin Gynecomastia Center as the thousands of patients did before you, be sure to ask my staff about the availability of our “Keep Austin Weird” goody bags — guaranteed to make your experience more exceptional and personal.

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