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Breast Massage Video Educational Resource - Post Breast Enhancement - Robert Caridi, MD

Anyone familiar with Westlake Plastic Surgery knows that I invest a lot into my website. I am always adding new features and case studies for the benefit of those who live not only in Austin, but all over the world!

My project manager and I recently worked on a breast massage feature video as an educational resource for breast enhancement patients. In my practice, I believe that breast massage is important in shaping the breasts and keeping them soft and natural looking. We videotaped a patient of mine whose right breast was sitting slightly higher than her left in order to show how downward massage performed twice daily can lower the implant and improve symmetry.

I have many other videos on the Internet, so I actually thought nothing of this one. Low and behold, after about two week’s time, we had over twenty thousand “hits” on YouTube! It then occurred to me that the video includes “Breast Massage” in its title, and that most of the comments that we were receiving on the video were from men who apparently weren’t really considering the benefits of breast massage the way it was intended!

I joked with my project manager that she is now in the porn business! Never underestimate the power of the female breast.

Robert Caridi, MD

Breast Massage Video: Asymmetry with Implant PositionWatch