Puffy Nipples and Gynecomastia – How They Are Related And How They Are Treated

puffy nipples and gynecomastiaThe definition of gynecomastia – also known as puffy nipples, gyno or man boobs – is not based on any particular type of tissue on your chest. It is simply defined as “the appearance of a female like breast in a male.” You don’t have to have hard tissue or lumpy rocks that you can feel under your areolas. If your chest is rounded and prominent like a woman’s, you most certainly have gynecomastia. It is caused by excess tissue of various types but a hill is a hill is a hill no matter if it is made of rock, sand, garbage, clay or whatever. It is what it is.

puffy nipples are the tip of the iceberg for gynecomastia

Puffy nipples is often associated with gynecomastia and excess tissue of the chest. Puffy nipples is the “tip of the iceberg” as there is always underlying gynecomastia tissue that exists. This excess tissue not only makes the chest round and female like, it also is associated with some glandular material under the areolas that makes them puffy. This tissue is “ground zero” for gynecomastia – this is where it all begins and spreads from there.

Unlike the flat appearance of the male chest that doesn’t have this excess tissue, those with gynecomastia often have puffy nipples because this firmer tissue stretches out the areolas like air in a balloon. Remove the tissue and the areola will flatten. Failure to remove the tissue in the case of puffy nipples will only result in continued puffy nipples and disappointment. Check out my video showing many cases of gynecomastia surgery in a row to see what was left after liposuction and Vaser. This is the tissue that makes puffy nipples. Leave the tissue and leave the issue of puffy nipples. Treatment of gynecomastia with liposuction alone will leave this tissue present in 95% of cases. This is NOT what you want.

Puffy nipples that occur after treatment of gynecomastia can only occur if your surgeon left too much tissue under the areola, or you have developed a seroma in the weeks following gynecomastia treatment or you developed scar tissue months afterwards. Secondary treatment of gynecomastia is most often related to the incomplete removal of the tissue resulting in continued fullness of the chest and puffy nipples—not what patients want for sure.

The least common presentation of puffy nipples is my “golf ball” gynecomastia. Some patients have a golf ball sized glandular mass beneath their areolas that makes them look odd and tubular. Often these patients have little body fat so this really looks strange indeed. Try wearing a fitted shirt and not look like you have headlights – impossible.

The best news in the world is that puffy nipples are treatable – here today, gone tomorrow if you choose. Take the first step to a life without gynecomastia and submit a Virtual Consultation and I will tell you what I think and give you a solution to a problem that will set your life on a new, better course. You have to take the first step.