The Problem With Gynecomastia Is That It Can Be A Non-Starter

Having gynecomastia is a challenge, to say the least. The visual impact of the chest fullness and puffy nipples leads to a distorted body self-image and a loss of confidence. Guys being guys will do anything in their power to try and tackle this problem on their own—medications, diet, exercise and even duct tape in some cases.

Forget about being shirtless in public. They become experts in hiding their gyno by adjusting their body posture and wearing the right clothing. All of this right here explains it: the problem with gynecomastia is that it can be a non-starter.

The Problem with Gynecomastia is that it can be a Non-StarterMany of my patients at the Austin Gynecomastia Center in Austin, Texas tell me that gynecomastia is a “non-starter.” A non-starter is a plan or idea that has no chance of succeeding or being effective. Patients despair over circumstances they feel powerless to change.

For example, you can work out until the cows come home and it simply doesn’t get any better. On the contrary, exercise often makes the condition appear worse because the more muscular your pectoral muscles, the more they “push” the gland and fullness forward. With exercise, gyno becomes more noticeable and harder to conceal, leading to frustration and anxiety.

Weight changes don’t help either and can often make it appear more prominent. Holding extra weight may conceal the gynecomastia, but now you’re chubby and not where you want to be. This makes you frustrated and sick and tired of having to deal with something you can’t control.

The reality of gynecomastia is that it is only effectively treated with a procedure to remove it. This has been the mission at the Austin Gynecomastia Center for over 10 years and we’ve been able to help over a thousand patients.

After we remove the gynecomastia and restore your chest to a masculine shape, you can then invest in yourself any way you want. You can get in shape, swim to your heart’s delight, wear any shirt you choose and live your life without having to think about it every day. Can you imagine that? Isn’t that what you want the most in life right now?

If you are ready to finally free yourself from the burden of gynecomastia, I hope you will consider the Austin Gynecomastia Center at Westlake Plastic Surgery. I have been at the cutting edge of gynecomastia treatment for many years, developing instruments and surgical techniques that improve outcomes, and pivoting my focus to the real problem with gynecomastia — how it negatively affects your life and what we can do to move forward.

Gynecomastia treatment offers you the greatest opportunity of your lifetime: the ability to start a life without gynecomastia. Liberation from gynecomastia is simply the non-starter that needs to be overcome so you can focus on the important things in life.

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