Plastic Surgery Videos

While pioneering several leading procedures in cosmetic surgery for women, Dr. Caridi started broadcasting plastic surgery videos including detailed explanations of the surgical procedures. His YouTube channel now has over 23 million views. Dr. Caridi also has popular Instagram and Facebook channels.

  • Rhinoplasty Surgery for Hook Nose (HUMP REDUCTION) Watch
  • Rhinoplasty nose job vlog part 1 inside the operating room for a rhinoplasty Watch
  • rhinoplasty nose job vlog video series showing one week post operative after nose job surgery Watch
  • nose job rhinoplasty vlog video series showing patient 6 weeks after nose job Watch
  • Rhinoplasty Surgery Experience - A Nose Job Before And After Journey Watch
  • Watch
  • how to take photos for an online consultation Watch
  • 8 Months After Full Tummy Tuck - Abdominoplasty Transformation Watch
  • Nose Job Before And After Transformation Watch
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